Angle Dimension

About Angle Dimension

Before Angle Dimension became a company, three developers (the founders) collaborated on a couple of development projects. With varying backgrounds, their unique traits enabled the establishment of well-coded, structured, maintainable, and stable systems. During their collaborations, there was a realization that the provision of quality and affordable software services was greatly lacking within Malawi and Africa at large. The fruit of this realization was Angle Dimension, a company established for the sole purpose of allowing Malawian and African companies to realize their potential with enterprise-grade yet affordable software platforms.

Our Mission

To continually add value to the lives of individuals, groups of individuals, and organizations through the provision of enterprise-grade software platforms

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of enterprise-grade software services in Africa

Our Values

As Angle Dimension continues to grow there are certain qualities
that we keep to heart, and these are embodied in our products, services, and our day-to-day work


Every service or product provided is built with the question "How does an everyday user interact with this?". By asking ourselves this question we build highly user friendly platforms without detracting from the real world processes being computerized


Greater things can only be achieved through teamwork . Angle Dimension recognizes that the production of state of the art products and services can only be achieved through the means collaboration. This collaboration is both amongst internal entities, and internal and external entities.

Embracing and Driving Change

Technological innovations are ever present, with great strides being taken to simplify the lives of many. Angle Dimension prides itself on being at the forefront of adaptation of software innovations and strives to ensures that its existing and new business opportunities make use of of these innovations

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