SMS Platform Development

Short Message Service (SMS) is THE standard means of communication across the world, even more so in Africa. It is only recently when the power of SMSs has been harnessed and converted into a revenue stream for businesses. Our SMS Platform Development helps you to realize your potential by monetizing your existing processes and providing a platform allowing you to interact with your clientele in a more meaningful way by broadening your product portfolio.

 Web-Apps Development

The web is ubiquitous and has become a part of everyday life. Web applications provide the means for services to be accessed using web-enabled devices, and removes the physical restrictions of the common workplace. Our development team ensures that your business operations are translated to their web equivalents and ingrains simplicity in every action that is undertaken.

 Cloud-Based Apps Development

The past few years has seen a boom in the provision of cloud-based services. These services remove the burden of resources such as servers, and LANs, and requires the bare minimum which is a web-enabled device and a stable internet connection. Many upcoming businesses struggle with acquiring and maintaining ICT infrastructure especially those required to support the software systems which are used for their business operations. Angle Dimension aims to relieve the burden of resources from businesses by developing web applications that are hosted in a central location and accessible via the web

 Mobile Apps Development

Mobile device use has grown exponentially in recent times. The average number of mobiles devices per person has greatly increased allowing for a simpler line of communication between business and client, and prospective clients. Our mobile development team is geared towards increasing your mobile presence via Android, iOS, and Windows Phone applications, and HTML5 web applications.

 Enterprise Software Integration

While change may be the right thing, when it comes to existing business software platforms change can be difficult. A number of businesses face the challenge of tapping into their current information made available through one or many of their software platforms. What we offer to you as a business is the ability to tap into your existing platforms and grow them in line with your business strategies, allowing for continued business growth.